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Working Offline (Coaches Admin)


The following is a breakdown of how to take a scouting report offline:

You will need to prepare for travel by doing the following to take a scouting report offline: 

  • Automating the scouting report
  • Automate the Personnel 
  • Click Airplane Icon
  • Add Items
  • Go Offline 

Within this offline mode, you will be able to add new plays to the scouting report that will sync up with the system once you get back online.

Question: Can you have multiple people working offline on the same scouting report?
Answer: Yes. Multiple coaches can be working offline, as long as they are working on different things.

  • Example 1) 1 Coach is drawing plays, 1 Coach is building personnel and keys.
  • Example 2) For those that have video coordinators at home, you can have one coach adding video to a player profile, while the other works offline and adds notes about the athlete.