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Just Play 101

Use this page as a reference or a visual checklist for learning how to get the most out of your Just Play system.

Please note: check marks will not save on refresh, they are simply there to be a visual checklist.

If anything on this list seems foreign, difficult or you aren’t sure how to use, then be sure to not opt out of the support emails! Articles will be launching in September!

Getting Started

Do you know… YES NO
What browser do I need to use? (Google Chrome) Learn
How to “see what the player’s see”? Learn
How to access the player app (iOS and Android)
How to go offline? (if provided in your package) Learn

Playbook Organization

Do you know… YES NO
How to organize your playbook? Learn
How to use Terminology Tags? Learn
How to change Terminology Tags with Bulk Actions? Learn
The difference between Playbook and Terminology Learn
How to create terminology categories? Manage them? Learn
How to hide/show (Change play status to active/inactive) plays in the app? Learn
How to access a library of your plays? Learn
How to hide your Master Playbook from the app? Learn

Adding Plays


Do you know… YES NO
How to add a play? Learn
How to add diagrams? Learn
How to add frame notes to each play/diagram Learn
How to add video to a play? Learn

Diagram Tool


Do you know… YES NO
Understand how to use each line? (Straight, Curve, Multipoint) Learn
Understand how to animate a diagram? with “game-like” timing? Learn
How to start with a template? or a blank canvas with a favorite? Learn
How to print blank diagrams? Learn
How to draw with color? Learn
How to change players from “1” to “PG”? Learn
How to change which player starts with the ball? Learn

Drawing Specific Actions

Do you know… YES NO
Pick and roll? Learn
Swing the ball? Learn
Dribble handoff? Learn
UCLA Action? Learn
Flare screen? Learn

Teaching with Just Play

Do you know… YES NO
How to send specific content (plays, video, quizzes) to certain players? Learn
How to create a presentation within Just Play? Learn
What an install is? Learn
How to add specific content to an install? Learn
Do you understand how to add powerpoint slides to your install? Learn
How to assign/send the information to your players? Learn

Building Your Scouting Template

Do you know… YES NO
How/Why to set up different stat profiles? Learn
How/Why to set up different print templates? Learn
How/Why to Create Your Scout Template? Learn
  • Automated skills list (Ex: best 3pt shooters)?
  • Stat Reports (Team Summary in Wins/Losses/Last 5)?

Statistical Research within Just Play

Do you know… YES NO
What reports are available within Just Play? (Team Tab + Stat Factory) Learn
What statistics are available? What do they mean for my team? (Stats Glossary) Learn
How to find specific team stats? player stats? (self-scout or opponent) Learn
How to find comparisons between myself and my opponents? Learn
How to use box scores? Combine them to create custom reports? Learn

Scouting Report Overview

Do you know… YES NO
How to type text sections within the scout? (Ex: Opponent Tendencies) Learn
How to automate personnel? depth chart? skills list? Learn
How to automate this year’s roster with last year’s stats? Learn
How to add multiple splits to the personnel stats? Learn

How to use bulk actions to change settings within the automated personnel
(Ex: make inactive or add stats from a previous season)

How to type personnel notes? add video? add match-ups? Learn
How to add opponent plays? Learn
How to add opponent plays from previous games? Learn
How to copy from a previous scout? Learn
How to save your scout as a PDF? Learn

Printing within Just Play

Do you know… YES NO
How to print off my entire playbook? (Put Plays in an Install) Learn
How to print off certain diagrams within the playbook? (Play Sheet Builder) Learn
How to print off only information within a presentation (or install)? Learn
How to change the number of diagrams per page on my print out? display term tags? Learn
How to print statistical research? Learn
How to select a scouting report print template? change templates? Adjust the template? Learn


Do you know… YES NO
Adding video from SportsCode? (with/without Title slides) Learn
Adding video from synergy? How to batch rename? Learn
How to send specific video to certain players? (sending a playlist of video) Learn
How to make folders in your video library? Learn
How to add video from YouTube? Learn
How to clear space within your system? Learn


Do you know… YES NO
What is the difference between a classic quiz and dynamic quiz? Learn
How to create a quick personnel quiz? Learn
How to add multiple quiz types within 1 quiz? Learn
How to add a quiz to your gameplan or scout? Learn
How to see the result of the quiz that my players took? Learn

Managing Users

Do you know… YES NO
Difference between Admin and Player Account role? Learn
How to add a new coach/player? remove access from coach/player? Learn
How to add members to groups? Learn
How to assign information to certain groups or individuals Learn

Team Accountability

Do you know… YES NO
View how your players are studying? Learn
How to compare groups of players Learn
How to look at a specific players progress? Learn