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Adding Opponent Plays

Adding Opponent Plays: You have a few different options when adding opponent plays to scouting reports. Here is an overview of each of the items that you can add to the plays section of the scout.


  • Add Plays From Master: This takes the exact play from your master playbook and references it within the scouting report. Therefore, if you make any tweak or change it will be reflected in Master Playbook.
  • Create Version From Master: This creates a copy of the play from your Master Playbook and adds it to the scouting report. Any tweak or change will not be reflected in the Master Playbook.
  • Create Plays From Existing Scouting Report*: Allows you to copy plays from a previous scout and add them into the scouting report you’re working on. This creates a complete copy and any change that you make will not be reflected on the original play.
  • Create New Play Specific to the Scouting Report*: This allows you add new plays to the specific scout you’re working on.

*You will use these options more than the others.