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Diagram Print Settings


Explanation of Options

Page Display

  • Orientation combined with Frame Display: 
    • Options: Portrait, Landscape
  • Page title: The title is pulled from the GamePlan/Install, Scouting Report or we use the system name that appears in the top left corner for print outs using the Play Sheet Builder.
    • Options: None, Front Page, Every Page
  • Display logo: Show or hide the logo in the top right corner of each page
    • For scouting reports – logo is the image of the opponent. 
    • For Gameplans/Installs – logo is cover image, if no cover image is chosen defaults to system image.
    • For Playsheet Builder – logo should be the system logo

Play Display

  • Play Title: the title at the top of each diagram frame (ex: “DHO Chest”)
    • Options: None, Play/Term Name, Diagram Name, Term Type (list all)
  • Subtitle: the sub-title below the title for each diagram frame (ex: “Quick Action”).
    • Options: None, Play/Term Name, Diagram Name, Term Type (Ex: Series, Set Type, Playbook Year, Situation…etc)
  • Display on each frame:
    • Checked: displays the title and sub-title above every frame
    • Unchecked: displays the title and sub-title above first frame of the play only

Frame Display

  • Per Page: number of diagram frames to show on each page is determined by Row/Column
    • Number of Rows:
    • Frames Per Row:

Note: You will need to use different combinations of rows/columns to create space if you write multiple lines of notes below the frame. 

  • Numbers: option to show frame numbers and how the frame count displays
    • None: no frame numbers display
    • Per Play: frame count starts over with each new play
    • Per Page: frame count starts over with each page break
    • Full Document: frame count does not start over regardless of play/page break
  • Display diagram notes: Show or hide the diagram notes under each frame


  • Start play on new page:
    • Checked: First frame of every play starts on a new page
    • Unchecked: Multiple plays will display on the same page if there is adequate space
  • Start play on new line:
    • Checked: First frame of every play always starts on a new line
    • Unchecked: A new play can start on the same line as the previous play
  • Avoid play page breaks:
    • Checked: If all frames for the play will not fit on the current page, automatically insert page break
    • Unchecked: Frames from the same play can display on different pages


  • Fill with blank diagrams:
    • if checked, insert blank diagrams in all “empty” spaces throughout the print job.

For example, if we are displaying 3 diagram frames per row and the first play only has two frames, the third frame on the first row will display a blank diagram.

  • Canvas: the blank diagram to display if the above options is checked.
    • Note: If Fill With Blank Frames is selected, you will need to select a canvas.