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Printing / Exporting Recruit Information

Here is a breakdown of the available export options that exist in the Recruits and Lists Tabs:

  • Printed Profiles: This will produce a PDF of every selected athlete.
  • Export Csv File
    • All: All recruits in the table
    • Selected: Just the selected recruits in the table
    • Visible: Just the visible recruits in that table

Note: Grouping and filtering your recruits table will impact what is included in the “all recruits” export. Each group creates a unique list of recruits to export.

Printing a list of Recruits that Attended a specific event:
This can be done from the events page itself and here is a video of how to print out this list.

Exporting Assigned Games / Attended Games:
In the Calendar section of Just Play, navigating to the Schedule By Staff and utilizing the filters you can export a .csv of the assigned games. Here is a video.