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Adding or Changing Recruits within the Event

Below is an overview of how to add Recruits to Events or Games.

Adding New Recruits to Events

Adding recruits to events can be done by navigating to the Recruits Tab within the Event. When adding recruits to the event, you will be given TEAMS from the event, much like if you were adding a recruit from a game. This will automatically provide you with the rest of that recruits schedule for the rest of the event.

Changing a Recruits Team at the Event

If you want to change the team that a recruit is on, navigate to the Recruits Tab within the Event. Next, you will navigate to that Recruit and navigate to Edit Profile for the Recruit. When you edit the Recruit within the Event, the list of teams provided will be the list of teams attending the event and you can easily move a prospect to a different team.

Please remember to remove the existing team, especially if you have already mapped. Doing this will add the prospects to both teams. 

Note: You have the ability to still add Recruits directly to the game. 

Adding Existing Recruits to the Events:

If you select ” My Recruits” you will be presented with an opportunity to search any recruit in your system that is not already attending the event. You will be able to choose from a list of attending teams to streamline getting that kid on the right team.