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How to Use Stat Profiles

Stat Profiles: Stat profiles will help automate or templatize every report within Just Play. This will allow you to set up the stats you want for various reports such as scouting report, stat factory, or even personnel. (Box Score, Team Summary, Custom Profiles)

Box Score Stat Profile: This stat profile only triggers for the box scores that are available for certain levels.

Team Summary Stat Profile: This stat profile triggers Team Summary and Combined Box Scores.

Note: Using Classic Summary removes your ability to customize the stats for these reports. Box Score & Team Summary stat profiles cannot be deleted.

Custom Stat Profiles: You can create as many custom profiles as you wish using the statistics below.

Note: Stat Categories (or “Splits”) shown above are displaying for NCAA-DI Men’s and Women’s Basketball. Different levels may have more/less stat categories available.