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Quizzing Overview

For step-by-step instructions on how to build a quiz, visit our article on how to Build a Quiz.

Question Types

Creating a quiz is a powerful way to engage with your players and make sure they are better prepared for practice and games. The first step in building a quiz is to know the types of questions you want to build.

Classic Question: Multiple questions along the timeline of a single video clip.

Recall Question: A video question where at the pause point, the video image is covered up and a player will have to answer the question without staring at the paused video.

Stopwatch Question: A video question where a player must answer the question before a “target time” is reached to get full points.

Multiple Choice Question: A text question with up to four possible responses presented to the player. Multiple choice questions can be based on an uploaded image (optional). Ex: Personnel Label Quiz (Shooter, Driver, Slasher)

Watch our video on how to Build a Quiz for a quick overview and samples of each question type.

Quiz Reporting

What makes quizzing in Just Play so valuable is that players receive immediate feedback on their quiz results and coaches have access to powerful reporting tools for the quizzes they build. To access quiz reporting, following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to your list of quizzes from the Quizzes menu in your side navigation.
  2. Click on the black View Report button for your desired quiz.

Question Data

The top section of the quiz report is your team’s overall performance on each question of your quiz. You will see the team’s averages for correct responses and total points. Click the View Breakdown button to see an analysis of each answer for the given question.

Session Data

The second section in the quiz reporting shows the results of each quiz session (each time a player takes a quiz). You will see the player’s quiz percentage and points. Click the View Breakdown button to see data on each question within the quiz for the given session.


The last section of quiz reporting is the leaderboard, an optional feature that coaches can turn on/off for each quiz. This ranks players by their performance on their quiz results. Please note that we only factor in the first time a player takes a quiz into the reporting and leaderboard. If a player takes the quiz more than once, the multiple sessions can be viewed, but are not calculated into the reporting.