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Recruiting Coordinator 101

Use this page as a reference or a visual checklist for learning how to navigate Just Play’s Recruiting Coordinator for your Scholastic and certified Non-Scholastic Events. Please note: check marks will not save on refresh, they are simply there to be a visual checklist.

If anything on this list seems foreign, difficult or you aren’t sure how to use, then be sure to not opt out of the support emails!

Getting Started

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Getting Started Welcome & Overview Video Learn
What browser do I need to use? (Google Chrome) Learn
How to access the Recruit App (iOS and Android)
How to go offline? (if provided in your package) Learn

Pre-Event Workflow

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How do I Add Recruits? Learn
How do I organize Recruits? (Custom Table Groupings) Learn
How to Edit Recruits Information? Learn
How to Create Custom Data Points or Columns for Recruits? Learn
How to Add Events? Learn
How to Add Teams/Recruits to Events? Learn

Building Event Schedules From the Admin

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Map Your Teams to Teams at the Event? Learn
Creating Your Staff’s Schedule & Assigning Games? Learn
Following a Team with No Recruits? Learn
Printing a Grid of the Event? Learn
Printing a Blended List of the Assigned Games for Various Events? Learn
How to Set or Modify a Staff Members Color for Assigned Games? Learn

Navigating the Mobile App

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Getting Started Overview / Complete Search Guide Learn
Assigning Games to Staff (“ Games”) Learn
Setting Up How You View Games at an Event (Search & Sort) Learn
Adding an Existing Recruit to an Event Learn
Adding a New Recruit via an Event Learn
Changing the Team of a Recruit at the Event Learn
Navigating to Games via Google Maps Learn
Seeing What Other Coaches are Saying About Prospects (EVAL FEED) Learn

Post Event Workflow

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Creating Manual Recruit Lists Learn
Creating Dynamic Recruit Lists Learn
Exporting Recruit Information Learn
Exporting Attended Games Learn