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Combined Box Scores, Custom Reports, Adding Splits to Players

For our NBA, WNBA, Men’s, and Women’s Division I/II/III College Basketball teams you now have the ability to combine box scores the create a Team Summary Report.

Navigate to the Scouting Report > Team Tab > Box Scores: Select each box scores you wish to perform to a certain action and then navigate to the drop-down menu at the top of the box scores menu (shown below)

Each option will take whatever box scores you have checked and do the following:

Add as Split Line to Players:  This allows you to create custom splits on the fly for opponents, whether it be “Last 4 Games” or “Last Time We Played” you can now easily automate any combination of split and have that line show in the player profile tab.

Print Combined Box ScoreCreate a 1-sheet overview that you can choose to print off, or save as a PDF.

Add Combined Box Score to ReportsAdd the combined box score report to the “Reports” section located within the scout. This will allow you to print (or save PDF) all reports in one sheet.

Add Individual Box Scores to ReportsAdd each of the box scores individual to the reports tab located within the scout.

CUSTOM REPORT: To customize the stat fields available in the player table you will use the TEAM SUMMARY STAT PROFILE. Note: Below you can toggle top/bottom on the specific player stats to better organize players how you wish.


“Classic Summary” (Old School): If you are interested in the old “StatCrew” version of the Team Summary, simply turn on Classic Summary in your settings menu. You will lose control on which statistical fields can be shown for the players.