Engage today’s athlete.

Our basketball system allows coaches to research, prepare, teach, and recruit – all from one platform.


Engage today’s athlete.

Our basketball system allows coaches to research, prepare, teach, and recruit – all from one platform.

“The best teaching tool in the game.”

Nate Oats – Head Coach, Alabama Men’s Basketball

Playbooks & Presentations

Share content with athletes on any device providing access to everything they need in one place.

Share playbooks, terminology, and presentations
Guide athletes through interactive content
Build plays with diagrams, notes, and video
Schedule content and send notifications
Available on all iOS, Android, and web devices

Interactive Scouting Reports

Automate opponent data to create more engaging scouts for your athletes.

Automate rosters and statistics
Build interactive player profiles with notes and video
Assign match-ups to focus preparation
Tag players to plays to show sets run for key personnel

Player Quizzing

Test players with video, text, and image-based questions to improve accountability and retention.

Encourage competition with team leaderboards
Keep players engaged and learning year-round
Automate questions from scouting report information
Track performance with in-depth quiz reporting

“Just Play helps us connect with our athletes in the way they prefer to learn. It is the hub for everything we do.”

Jordi Fernandez
Assistant Coach, Denver Nuggets

“Just Play helps our staff teach our guys faster.”

Bill Self
Head Coach, Kansas Men’s Basketball

“Just Play delivers every time. It allows our coaches and players to be smart with their time, giving us the best chance at success on the floor.”

Mark Cuban
Owner, Dallas Mavericks

“Working with Just Play has been a tremendous help to our staff. It has helped with our workflow and how we prepare for games.”

Sean May
Assistant Coach, UNC Men’s Basketball

“Just Play is a platform for coaches who love to teach and helps our program improve on a daily basis.”

Tina Langley

Head Coach, University of Washington Women’s Basketball

Simplify your process.

Create and manage content for your team with a complete workflow platform designed for coaches.

Organize & Collaborate

Work together from anywhere to stay connected as a staff.

Create a database of all your coaching content
Collaborate and share content in real-time
Add custom tags to your play database
Integrate video from any solution

Diagram with Animation

Draw play diagrams that move to show your team how to execute with ideal timing.

Start from any diagram in your database
Easily collaborate with staff members
Create and share favorites

Worried about rebuilding your content?
We offer playbook and scouting report rebuild services to make your team’s transition to Just Play easy.

More Tools

Add these products to the Team System to handle more of your workflow from a single platform.

Available for NCAA Div. I, II, III, NAIA, NBA, WNBA

Scout Automation

Utilize our powerful scouting platform to quickly build scouting reports with automated rosters, statistics, and more.

Available for NCAA Div. I and NBA

Advanced Analytics

Break down opponents faster with flexible, easy-to-read reports that help you identify trends and make better decisions.

Available for NCAA Div. I, NBA, WNBA

Recruiting Coordinator

Manage your recruiting process year-round from one platform.

Create player profiles with custom notes and evaluations
Access event schedules and information
Manage your roster, prospects, and transfer portal

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