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Sharing Game, Practice or Other Specific Video to the App

Creating Playlists are one of the easiest way to get various types of video to your players, front office or even share amongst the staff. This could be game film, practice clips, generic teach tapes…etc. You can share any type of video with any user you wish.

Navigate to Video Icon on the left hand menu > Video Playlists. 

You have unlimited playlists, which mean unlimited organization when it comes to who/what you share with any user. Many teams will have a few generic playlist lists for the team, front office, or staff and then more specific playlists that are only assigned to each individual user.

Note: Video Playlists must be ACTIVE and ASSIGNED in order to appear on the app.

If you are in the Video Library and wish to add clips to a playlist or create a new playlist: 
Navigate to Video Icon on the left hand menu > Video Library. 

Add Video from Library to Playlist: Use the bulk actions icon to select the clips you wish to add to a playlist and select Create Playlist. Once you select Create Playlist, you can then either add the video to an existing playlist or select the “+” to create a brand new playlist.

Note: You will still need to assign the new playlist to the desired user(s).