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Coastal Carolina – PAP Post Out Concept

Coastal Carolina is using a PAP Post/Out concept to the field to attack Quarters coverage. The Post/Out concept is great vs Quarters coverage because you can create confusion for the SS & CB with the vertical releases and the depth of the slot breaking on the out route. The idea is to pull the Safety with the deep out (and also freeze him with PAP) to allow your QB to throw the Post open.

In this look, the SS runs with the out but the CB also sees the out-breaking route and thinks he is passing off the outside vertical to the SS. With Georgia Southern playing C2 into the boundary, the Post gets turned loose for a wide-open touchdown. The PAP also holds the OLB which allows for a free release by the slot to get on the SS in a hurry.


Just Play Diagram – Coastal Carolina PAP Post Out Concept

*Diagram is an original Just Play Content Creation