Hoss Y Juke

The New England Patriots ran Hoss Y Juke on three consecutive plays in the 4th quarter to setup the only touchdown of Super Bowl LIII. Hoss Y Juke is a 5 receiver set designed to put the defense in an extremely difficult position to defend the slot receiver (Edelman in this case).


Just Play Diagram – Patriots Hoss Y Juke


Pos. Notes
QB Vs 2 High Read the Juke ,Vs 1 High read Hitch to Seam
X Hitch; Fade vs Press
Y Seam
H Juke; Sit if LB does not match you at 5, Return if LB plays heavy inside, Run if LB plays head up
Z Seam
T Hitch; Fade vs Press


*Diagram is an original Just Play Content Creation