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Sending Notifications to Players

Just Play can also send notifications to your players for messages and when new content is assigned. Please note that the delivery of a notification is dependent on the player accepting notifications from the Just Play app when they initially download it.

Send Notifications with Messages

When you send an In-App Message through Just Play, you will see the option to delivery a push notification at the bottom of the form. This checkbox accompanies the options to send the message as a text and an email.

Notifications on Assignments

Whenever new content is assigned to a coach or player, a push notification will be delivered to let them know that new content is available. This notification is sent by default and you do not have trigger it in any way.

Disabling Notifications

If a user wishes to not receive notifications, this permission can be disabled through the settings on your iOS or Android device. Click the links for each device for articles on how to disable notifications.