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Customizing Play Forms

You can customize your play forms by using Terminology which allows you to tag plays with custom fields. Tagging plays with Terminology will keep your playbook organized and allow you and your players to sort the playbook in a variety of ways.

You can set the Terminology fields that are shown each time you create a new play by adjusting your Top Level Terminology in your Playbook Settings.

  1. Navigate to the Playbook Settings page within the Settings section of your left navigation.
  2. You will see Top Level Terminology sections for both Offense and Defense.
    • Add Terminology types to your Top Level by selecting them from the drop-down menu.
    • Remove Terminology types from your Top Level by clicking on the X icon in the list.
    • Adjust  which Terminology types are considered Top Level for coaches (indicated by ) and for the player app (indicated by ) using the Edit icon in the list.

For coaches, Top Level Terminology will be displayed as the default Terminology fields when adding plays and in the left navigation under Offense and Defense.

For players, Top Level Terminology will determine the options that players have to sort plays by when studying their playbook.