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Creating Scout Cards

Create scout cards in Just Play is easy using either the Scout Cards section within each unit, or the Play Sheet Builder tool found in the Offense, Defense, and Special Teams sections of your Just Play system.

Building Scout Plays

Managing Table Settings To Organize Scout Cards (By Team, By Season)

Navigate to Scout Cards > Click Hide/Show Columns and + Add a New Column
Column Settings

Label: This is the title of the column.
 This is the group that the column is organized under the Hide/Show Menu. You can create your own custom groups to optimize organization.
Type: This is very important. You can add text, numbers or even dates. In most cases, you will probably use Text. 

Filter/Search Options:

Allow Multiple Values: This should only be checked where it makes sense that you might have something in multiple folders. In most situations, you will not need this for scout cards.
Track Values: This should be checked in the case of organizing scout cards because this will you to filter and group by those values.
Searchable: This function allows you to quickly search on the exact text that you are looking to find and doesn’t apply to the scout cards tables. 

Printing Scout Cards

Using the Play Sheet Builder