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Just Play 101 – Lacrosse

Use this page as a reference or a visual checklist for learning how to get the most out of your Just Play system.

Please note: check marks will not save on refresh, they are simply there to be a visual checklist.

Getting Started

Do you know… YES NO
What browser do I need to use? (Google Chrome) Learn
How to “see what the player’s see”? Learn
How to access the player app (iOS and Android)
How to go offline? (if provided in your package) Learn

Playbook Organization

Do you know… YES NO
How to organize your playbook? Learn
How to add a play? Learn
How to use Terminology? Learn
How to add diagrams? Learn
How to add video to a play? Learn
How to hide/show (Change play status to active/inactive) plays in the app? Learn

Diagram Tool

Do you know… YES NO
Understand how to use each line? Learn
Understand how to animate a diagram with “game-like” timing? Learn
How to make favorites? Learn
How to add frame notes to each play/diagram Learn
How to print blank diagrams? Learn
How to draw with color? Learn
How to change players from “1” to “A1” or other player symbol changes? Learn
How to change which player starts with the ball? Learn

Teaching with Just Play

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How to send specific content (plays, video, quizzes) to certain players? Learn
What an install is? Learn
Do you understand how to add powerpoint slides to your install? Learn


Do you know… YES NO
How to make folders in your video library? Learn
How to add video from YouTube? Learn


Do you know… YES NO
What is the difference between a classic quiz and dynamic quiz? Learn
How to create a quick personnel quiz? Learn
How to add multiple quiz types within 1 quiz? Learn
How to see the result of the quiz that my players took? Learn

Managing Users

Do you know… YES NO
How to add a new coach/player? Learn
How to add members to groups? Learn

Team Accountability

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View how your players are studying? Learn
How to compare groups of players? Learn
How to look at a specific player’s progress? Learn