Welcome to Analytics Academy, a hub for basketball coaches to learn about advanced statistics, analytical tools, and how to read the numbers on your stat sheet. We’ll teach you how to take all the statistical data available in today’s landscape and apply that information to your team and scouting process.

 View our comprehensive glossary for definitions and formulas for all basketball statistics available in our system.

 Watch to learn about 3-Point Frequency, a simple statistic that will help you quickly identify player and team tendencies.

 Watch to learn how to use EFG% and get a more accurate read on a player or team’s shooting efficiency.

 Watch our Points Per Possession explainer on how Just Play calculates true possessions and how to use this stat in scouting.

 Watch our Pace explainer and how to use this simple statistic to gauge your opponents’ style of play.

 Watch to learn about plus/minus and our recommendations on when to use this stat to determine lineup/player impact.

 Watch our quick tutorial on how to utilize Rebound % during your scouting process.

 Learn how your team can use Assist % for both self and opponent scouting.

 Watch our Free Throw Rate explainer on how teams and players get to the line in relation to other scoring opportunities.