The modern triple option aka Zone Read Triple, meshes together the popular zone blocking scheme with the old school triple option. By utilizing different formations, you can change who and how you will get the ball to your 3rd option. He can be lined up in the back field in a more traditional look or running a bubble from a trips look (see below).


Just Play Diagram – Zone Read Triple

Zone Read Triple


Pos. Notes
Q Read first man on LOS from 4i out; Option off 1st defender stacked or outside of Read key. Attack inside shoulder of #2 on option path. If give read, carry out fake.
F Short motion to get in position for hand off. Work to play side hip of the center. If the ball is pulled carry out fake and get tackled.
T Maintain pitch relationship 4×1 with the QB all the way down the field, always expecting the ball to be pitched.
H Load to PLSB to FS
X Cut off C
Z Stalk C
PST Covered zone step and block man on
PSG Covered zone step and block man on; Uncovered work up to call side LB
C Covered to call side zone step and block man on; Uncovered work to call side LB (“
BSG Covered zone step and block man on; Uncovered Zone step call side and expect BST to pass 3 to you if not work up to 1st LB head up to playside of the C
BST Zone step and block B-Gap defender to LB head up on the C to backside.