Wham is a staple to any strong ground attack. There are many ways to run Wham. This version is great because it also incorporates fold blocking, creating great angles at both the first and second levels for the offensive line while allowing you to punish the 3-tech for getting to far up the field.

Just Play Diagram – Wham



Pos. Notes
QB Open play side, hand ball to T
T Side step, slight downhill cross over then hit the hole off H block.
X Block C
J Motion across formation cut off 1st man inside of you.
H Wham the 3 tech must get there fast so he does not disrupt the exchange.
Z Cut off C
PST Drive block the E don’t let him inside.
PSG Block back on the N
C Fold around PSG block to the 1st LB head up to play side
BSG Block back on the E
BST Fold to the 1st LB head up to play side