In the Jet Sweep PAP Post Wheel, double run fakes cause the defense to step up to allow your receivers to get behind them. The combination of the run fakes and the QB looking to the post first will allow H to be wide open on the wheel. If the defense recovers quickly the QB has the swing or the check down to T.

Just Play Diagram – Jet Sweep PAP Post Wheel

Post Wheel


Pos. Notes
QB Fake the Jet Sweep to Y then fake hand off to T. Look to the Post to hold/ move the safety then throw the Wheel. If neither are there look to check downs with T or Y
T Fake taking hand off get through line the find open area for check down.
X Dig 15 yds
Y Jet Sweep motion make a good fake then run swing for check down. Settle before getting to close to sideline.
H Wheel
Z Stalk for 2 steps get inside and run Post.
PST Big on Big
PSG Big on Big
C Jab Hinge
BSG Jab Hinge
BST Jab Hinge