The Dart play allows you to run ISO out of a one back set and add multiple wrinkles as well. It is very easy to add a RPO or form of triple option. You can also take advantage of an over aggressive defense and incorporate a counter look in the back field.

Just Play Diagram – Dart



Pos. Notes
QB Hand to T
T Be patient and follow your BST
X Block Man Over
Z Block Man On
X Block Man On
H Block Man On
Y Secure C-Gap
PST Vs 5 pass set to get E up the field keep in outside.
PSG Vs 3 base drive Vs 1 double with C to BSLB
C Vs 1 playside double with PSG to BSLB; Vs 3 playside block back on the N. If TE is backside or we are reading the E, double the N with BSG to BSLB
BSG Vs 3 block back don’t let him cross your face; Vs 1 block back on 5. If TE is backside or if we are reading the E double with C to BSLB
BST Skip pull for PSLB. Expect to get vertical sooner with playside 3, but don’t guess read PSG block.