The Counter Read allows you to run counter out of a 1 back formation. Also similar to the zone read, you can attach multiple tags to give the defense multiple looks off the same play. Cross up the LB eyes by flaring out the back opposite of the pullers and run the counter with the QB or throw the swing. You can also run it with a H-Back on a pop pass. You are only limited by your imagination.

Just Play Diagram – Counter Read

Counter Read


Pos. Notes
QB Read E if he is flat footed or widens – give. If he squeezes – pull.
T Counter steps follow PST.
X Stalk
Y Block man on
H Cut of man on work to BS Safety if you cant get there
Z Stalk
PST Vs 3/2 Double with PSG to LB head up the C to backside; Vs 2i/1 work strait to LB head up the C to backside
PSG Vs 2i/1 Block Back; Vs 3/2 Double with PST to LB head up the C to back side
C Vs 1 Block Back; Vs 3 Block back
BSG Pull to Kick out the E. If he squeezes Log
BST Read BSG block if he kicks insert for PSLB. If BSG logs wrap for PSLB.