This PAP Boot is a great change up to the Buck Sweep. With both Guards leading the LB away from the play, the drag opens up. The comeback and corner are your man beaters and your shot just in case the secondary gets a too aggressive in their attempts to stop the run.

Just Play Diagram – Buck Sweep PAP Boot

Buck Sweep


Pos. Notes
QB Turn and fake handoff to T. Boot away reading Drag/Comeback/Corner/Run
T Turn fake taking hand off follow G’s and get tackled
X Drag working to 10yds
Y Corner break at 10 yds
H Secure edge
Z Comeback 12 back to 10
PST Vs 3 block down; vs 1 secure B-Gap
PSG Pull and secure the edge
C Vs even block back; Vs odd base N; Vs bear block down
BSG Pull and secure the edge
BST Secure B-Gap


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