The play of the day is from Nate Blankenship.


TE/OL at Lincoln High in Lincoln, Nebraska

Blankenship BS RPO.001

This is a play that has a pre snap read for quick game and post snap pass option.  The read of the LB allows for a double team on the 3 technique to create a great vertical push for the power run component of the play.

Backside power basic play structure

1. Has to be run from 1 TE or 2 RB sets

2. Read is #3 2nd level defender

3.  5 in box = Give

PS-OL= gap scheme rules, on-inside to LB, vs odd OT Sifts

OC-on to flat back on DL. BS-OG skip pull, BS-OT step-hinge B-Gap

RB- settle step away, downhill thru mesh, press open DL bubble to know kick.

H/FB- banana kick EMOL

A/Slot- Win route; win inside #2, keep space from #3

PS-X/WR- Win route; win inside #1, flatten to stay away from safety, attack #2 space

BS-X/WR- pre snap out, fade, slant

QB- pop to 90 away, point mesh, read #3: “He flows we throw”

     – Pull= win route read inside out on #2