Choosing your Just Play Package

Whether you are an individual looking for a personal playbook tool, or on staff at a program looking to improve your team’s preparation, Just Play has a solution for you. Learn about the differences between My Just Play and Just Play Team Systems below.

My Just Play is designed to be a personal playbook for coaches of all levels. You can share plays to and from your team system so your playbook always stays with you.

Designed for:
Individual coaches at any level looking for an affordable playbook tool to replace bulky binders and hard drives.

Just Play Team Systems allow you to collaborate with your entire staff to prepare in one place and instantly share content with your players through the Just Play Team App.

Designed for:
Elite high schools, college, and professional programs with a wide range of needs to improve their workflow and take preparation to the next level.


Features My Just Play Basic My Just Play Pro Team Systems*
Playbook Builder (ODK)
Playsheet Printing
Gameplans, Installs, Presentations
Video Library 5GB 20GB – Unlimited
Video Data Import
Content Transfer (MyJP to Team)
Scouting Reports
Stats/Roster Automation
User Accounts (Coaches/Players) 1 / 0 1 / 0 8+ / 30+
Staff Collaboration
Player Access
Available Offline
Staff Training
Dedicated Support
Online Knowledge Base

*Team System packages are custom designed for each team, price and features may vary.