Kansas City, MO – Reaching the madness of March means lots of preparation before and during the college basketball season, and for many local teams, one Kansas City company gave them a little edge over the competition.

The KU and UMKC men’s basketball teams, along with the Kansas State women’s basketball team, all are still alive in postseason play, and all have been using an innovative approach to teaching players offered by Just Play Sports Solutions. Founded in 2014 by two former college athletes (including one former member of the KU football team), the company combines an interactive learning and teaching environment that offers players a digital playbook with a video and quiz component that prepares them for the game.

The product’s success lies in its ability to teach in learning styles that make sense to today’s college-athletes. Coaches have the ability to share plays, video, scouting reports and even quizzes, all accessed through a smartphone or tablet.

“With the better understanding of how technology can help students learn and as technology becomes easier to implement, there is endless potential in the world of sports,” said Austin Barone, co-founder of Just Play. “The coaches willing to use all of the tools at their disposal will truly unleash their team’s potential.”

In the men’s NCAA tournament bracket, KU (#1 seed) joins fellow Just Play users UCLA (#3 seed) and Troy (#15 seed). In the women’s bracket, Just Play users include K-State (#7 seed), Troy (#15 seed) and Western Illinois (#14 seed).

Despite hitting only .500 last season, the Western Illinois (26-6) team just finished on top of the Summit League standings this year (and won their conference tournament), and are excited to play their first-round tournament game on Friday. Assistant Head Coach Seth Minter credits Just Play as a big reason for the team’s turnaround.

“It’s been a great, great tool, and I definitely would say it contributed to our success,” he said. “It’s reassuring because I don’t really have the doubts anymore of knowing if they’re prepared or not. I know they are because I’ve seen the results. To me it’s just a no-brainer to use this.”


About Just Play Sports Solutions

Founded in 2014, Just Play Sports Solutions offers coaches an innovative approach to teaching, and provides student-athletes the tools they need at their fingertips, in a learning style that makes sense to them. Combining an interactive learning and teaching environment, Just Play offers players a digital playbook with a video and quiz component that prepares them for the game. And when they’re prepared, they’re ready to “just play.” Learn more at www.justplaysolutions.com.