I recently wrote about the distracted generation that we currently coach, and how finding ways to connect with and prepare players for success has become increasingly difficult.

In my research, what I have found is that most coaches have embraced using technology to better coach players. However in general, I feel that we are really miss opportunities to engage players, and often add stress because of the immense time us coaches require.

Flipped learning for better coaching

Many coaches embrace the flipped learning model because it drives results. In a time sensitive culture, it creates “extra” time for not only coaches but players, as well. More importantly, it reduces mistakes. We spend less time working, because our guys understand more and more quickly. 

This helps our team balance between academics and football. However, in other situations players are faced with decisions – focus more on football and let academics slide or eliminate other interests and specialize.  Neither option is desirable. In fact, both are detrimental to the athletes opportunity at the next level.

Think high school for a moment. Being a better student enhances the opportunity for the athlete to play at the next level.  More than half of U.S. colleges clearly state that if a prospective student-athlete doesn’t have a 3.0 GPA or higher, they are not getting in. If the athlete drops to below a 2.5 GPA, then drop the number of prospective schools to 25% and drop to 10% of schools with a 2.0 GPA.

Conversely, a 4.0 will give gain acceptance at about 90 percent of colleges and universities – and that’s before athletics are taken into account.

Working at a high academic institution has forced me to constantly reflect how much time I am requiring of my players. Just Play Solutions gives me powerful tools to put all my diagrams, videos, and coaching points at the players finger tips on any device. However, that isn’t enough.  I have to focus their time and learning so it is both effective and efficient. 


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Efficiency and effectiveness through technology

A major component of flipped learning is the video portion of the lesson. The tool we utilize for this is the video quiz app in Just Play. 

As a coach I could have assigned a playlist or different parts of the playbook, but to me that is more like the “old school” approach of telling a student to, “Read this chapter.”  It lacks guidance and focus.  The video quiz app accomplishes two things – laser like focus on key points and accountability.

For us, the videos within the quiz app are kept to just a few minutes long.  I let the video play and periodically stop the video to reinforce learning and check for understanding with questions followed by the coaching point when players answer correctly. I can set this up once, and let players take it on their own time. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 7.30.10 AM

The accountability this has created is unrivaled. This approach has been more effective because the player is able to see and hears (through the coach’s voice over) exactly how to be successful on the field.  They don’t have to go through a playlist of clips searching for the answers. This is the future of flipped learning in sports.  Focused, efficient, effective learning made possible by cutting edge technology.

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