Camp is always a challenging but exciting time for coaches and players.  Hear from Keith Grabowski on how Just Play helped Oberlin College save time, teach faster and streamline camp 2016:

Although the playbook might not have changed much from the Spring or previous years, learning for players still starts back at square one.  The learning process takes time for players’ to hone their skill sets and refine execution.  However, utilizing cutting edge coaching tools allows coaches and players to more efficiently move through the process and prepare a team for game day.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

One key to teaching and coaching our system was utilizing technology to free up our coaches time, by building a deeper understanding for players.  Just Play Solutions allowed us to take a big portion of the install out of our classroom time.  Through the interactive playbook and video quizzes, our players were learning before meetings, which saved us a great deal of time during our O/D meetings and allowed us to get more in-depth with the specifics.

For the coaches, meeting time became more about refinement and teaching the finer points and details.  The basics were covered by our players learning on their own through the materials we prepared in Just Play.  We held them accountable with video quizzes, as well as, in depth analytics on how they were spending their time in our playbook.

The way we set up our playbook allowed them to drill down to the finest details to improve their understanding of our system. Just Play provided efficiency in our work flow – from the players to the coaches.

As we moved from camp to game planning, the focus shifted to having to prepare our scout teams.  Drawing scout cards was a breeze with Just Play.  What once took hours, was reduced to minutes.  Just Play’s diagraming tool is far more advanced than any other on the market.

As we planned for our first opponent, we utilized the game plan feature to focus players and build adjustments to our standard playbook: adding more detailed coaching points specific to this week’s opponent, insight gained through scouting reports, as well as interactive quizzes conducted twice a week.

Finally, Just Play provided a great two way communication function for our unit.  The coaches can easily send texts and emails alerting players of adjustments to plays or changes to schedules.  Players can get immediate answers on anything they might need clarified through “Ask Coach.”  We push the answers out to all our players because we feel that if the question is asked by one player, others may have that question as well.

The result of what we have seen during camp is one of the smoothest installations that I have led as a coach in 27 years of football.  I credit this to our coaches willingness to adapt to a new system for player learning as well as our players inclination to embrace the system.

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