Coaches all over the country are developing players faster using Just Play. The power and flexibility of our teaching platform is now being used by coaches for continuing education.

Taking this cue from innovative coaches, Just Play is excited to introduce the development of a content initiative where coaches can engage and learn from other coaches, all within the Just Play environment.

“I travel all over and work with high school staffs to introduce and teach our defensive system,” said Ryan McCartney, Defensive Coordinator at Salem (IN) High School. “This year I started using Just Play for this type of install process and it has made the entire operation so much easier. From creating the content to teaching coaches, Just Play streamlined my entire workflow and provided staffs with a better experience.”

This type of peer-to-peer education is the inspiration for the next phase of the Just Play system.

“We’ve found that our system is not just a playbook or scouting tool, it’s the most effective teaching application for coaches to better educate and engage with players,” says Austin Barone, Co-Founder of Just Play. “There’s no reason coaches can’t use Just Play to teach and engage with other coaches.”

With this is mind, Just Play is developing a content sharing product that coaches can use for continuing education and engaging with one-another.

“This initiative will happen in stages, but we have seen first-hand how coaches promote, share, and consume information and we’re extremely excited about how Just Play will contribute to this process.”

If you are interested in learning more about coaching education through Just Play, or using Just Play for your next presentation to teach and engage with your audience, please fill out the form below.