The Buck Sweep allows you build a wall to keep the defenders inside, while your Guards clear a path down the sideline for your Running Back. It is key that everyone communicates. Defensive alignment can dictate number of pullers and how the pulling Guard blocks the support player.

Buck Sweep via Coach FitzFball

Just Play Diagram – Buck Sweep

Buck Sweep

Pos. Notes
QB Hand ball to T; Carry out fake
T Turn work slightly down hill take hand off follow G’s
X Crack defender of Y
H Bubble
Z Block most dangerous
PST Vs 3 block down; vs 1 Deuce with PSG to backside LB
PSG Vs 3 pull playside to block support; Vs 1 Tech- Deuce to backside LB; Vs man think log; Vs zone Think kick-out
C Vs even block back; Vs odd base N; Vs bear block down
BSG Pull playside for backside LB; Deuce call pull for support
BST B Gap hinge