There are analytics tools out there that require you to learn a new language. Some have abbreviations you’ve never seen, acronyms that are completely foreign. Others are the result of a formula or algorithm you know nothing about and, even if you did, wouldn’t understand.

But any coach can understand shot charts. Shot charts are the ultimate data visualization, a quick map of where you took shots from and which ones you’ve made. Different platforms have different options and display shots differently.

At Just Play, however, we have options you’re not going to find anywhere else.

Do you want to see a player’s individual shot chart from conference wins? That’s no problem. How about seeing all the shots your team takes late in the shot clock? That’s easy, too.

What about late in the game? Sure! What about an individual player’s late-clock, late-game shot chart from conference wins only? That’s a tough one—it may take five clicks.

At Just Play, we’ve built the ultimate shot chart tool for you, and we’ve made navigating it easy. You can pull defensive shot charts, see any player or situation you can think of.

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