As coaches, when you’re considering a player’s tendencies, you do a number of things. You watch film, take a look at their stats, and sometimes have background information you already know about the player. When you’re the assistant in charge of that scout, you probably feel like you know these things pretty well, but you also need to pass that info along to the rest of your staff.

Our Player Overview Report is perfect for that. During the scouting process, you can take a quick look at this report to see some key things. You’ll get a trend line showing you how that player has been performing lately. You’ll also get a look at the top three lineups that player is on the floor with and how they do; that way, you’ll be able to assess where they’re playing most often positionally and their impact. Lastly, you’ll get a visual showing you where that player gets his/her shots from, how often they’re assisted.

We created this report so you can quickly identify when that player has played well, how he/she used, how he/she scores most often and most efficiently. But beyond just identifying these things, we want you to pass that information along to the coaches who haven’t been tasked with taking a close look.

That’s why we made this a one-page printable report. We want you to quickly click and pass along to your head coach and others a visual representation of a player’s tendencies. That way, someone who hasn’t been watching the same film you have can scan a one-pager for a minute and get a general idea of what that player does.

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