There are a lot of things we see on film that we have a hard time quantifying. Do we give up more offensive rebounds when Player X is in the game? Do we do a good job of hiding Player Y defensively?

Lineup analysis can help you figure that out. Looking at the impact of any player (or set of players) is easy with this tool, and we’ve made it easier and more customizable than ever before.

With Just Play’s lineup analysis tool, you can look at any set of stats, any set of games, any situation. We pull in the defensive numbers alongside the offensive numbers in an easy-to-read way, too, so you can quickly get an idea of what’s happening on both ends of the floor.

And we didn’t stop there. We made it simple to look at any combination (5-player down to 2-player) or even the impact of each individual player. This range of options will give your staff insights you didn’t know and confirm suspicions you already had.

We also know every staff is different. Whether you want to pull a Four Factors-only analysis or get a better idea of extra opportunities only with an eye on pace, turnovers, and the offensive glass, we make it easy to choose. With our lineup analysis tool, there’s no limit.

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