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The ultimate playbook and scouting solution for coaches.

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Here’s how it works.


Build playbooks, diagrams, scouting reports and quizzes with easy-to-use coaching tools.


Send information to players on apps designed for personalized learning.


Access reports on player usage to keep players accountable and improve your preparation.

Prepare in One Place

Put everything you do in one place to avoid switching between tools to prepare for practice and games.

Create with Just Play

Simplify your workflow by creating and presenting all your content within one platform to your staff and players.

Connect with Just Play

Making workflow easy is the key to our success. Whether it’s video and data or statistical automation. Just Play makes connecting platforms easy.

What Coaches are Saying

"Being able to teach our playbook visually is a game changer. This is a phenomenal coaching tool."

Sonny Dykes
Head Coach, SMU Football

"Just Play improved our playbook and game planning in every way."

Brian Flinn

Wide Receivers Coach, Princeton Football

"Just Play helps our staff teach our guys faster."

Bill Self
Head Coach, Kansas Men’s Basketball

"It is the single most important technology we use, the best teaching tool in the game."

Nate Oats

Head Coach, Alabama Men’s Basketball

About Just Play

From our easy-to-use digital tools for building playbooks and diagramming plays, to providing automated statistics and in-depth analytics at the collegiate and professional levels, Just Play software products will help any coach improve his or her preparation.

First, Just Play features the best content creation tools on the market. We make it easy for coaches to build their playbook, diagram plays, create gameplans and scouting reports, and incorporate video into their teaching.

Next, coaches can instantly share this information with players on mobile apps. Athletes can study your content on any phone, tablet, or laptop. This provides a better way to engage with today’s youth who simply don’t learn on paper.

Finally, all player activity can be analyzed to improve your teaching. Your preparation will improve from week to week as you digest how players study your playbook and scouting reports. This includes page view and time tracking as well as auto-graded quizzes.

It all adds up to better a preparation process for coaches and players. More prepared players make fewer mistakes, and this leads to better performance on gameday.

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